Alice Cassinese winner of the first contest “Ricotta di Bufala Campana DOP Challenge”

Milk Chocolate with Ricotta di Bufala Campana DOP and Salted Peanuts, it is with this cake that Alice Cassinese student of the 2022 course of pastry school of high gastronomic training In Cibum Pontecagnano (SA) won the jury of experts of the first contest “Ricotta di Bufala Campana DOP Challenge”, winning a Scholarship for a “Masterclass In Cibum”.

“Designating the winner of this contest was a rather difficult choice” – said Benito La Vecchia Presidente del Consorzio di Tutela della Ricotta di Bufala Campana DOP, among the members of the jury of experts – “given the great creativity of the desserts offered and the excellent level of preparation of all students”.

This contest developed in collaboration with In Cibum, was born with the aim of making known and appreciate the new generations of chefs, the great qualities of Ricotta di Bufala Campana DOP, as an exceptional ingredient for both sweet and savory preparations.

Appointment for all next year with a new “Challenge”.