The Ricotta of Bufala Campana PDO at “Gragnano Città della Pasta” 2023

For the great Fellini, life was a combination of pasta and magic, for us, the magic lies in the encounter between two excellences of the great agro-food heritage of our country:
the Ricotta di Bufala Campana DOP and the Pasta di Gragnano IGP

A meeting capable of giving endless recipes for surprising first courses, absolute masterpieces of taste and perfect mix of a healthy, complete and balanced diet between the intake of noble proteins, carbohydrates and minerals.
In other words a perfect wedding that will be celebrated once again on the occasion of “Gragnano Città della Pasta”, the gastronomic event organized and promoted by the Consorzio di Tutela della Pasta di Gragnano IGP, which will take place in Gragnano (NA) from 8 to 10 September 2023.

We are waiting for you with a calendar full of initiatives, meetings, show cooking where you will be able to appreciate the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of the Ricotta di Bufala Campana DOP and the work that every day our young Consortium of Guardianship performs with great enthusiasm and commitment to the preservation and the promotion of this extraordinary goodness and its unique territory, rich in history, culture and natural beauty.

For the occasion the Chef Raffele Ingenito will prepare Eliche with wood-fired Eggplant and Ricotta di Bufala Campana DOP.

These are our coordinates:
Stand of Tradition – 3 / via Roma Gragnano