Meetings at the Sigep 2022 – Rimini 15/3/2022 Marco Merola the baker of “Contemporary Pastry” of Caserta.

Marco Merola moved to America when he was a child, and for the first time he tried his hand at self-taught cooking. A career full of successes and great collaborations, with names ranging from Ugo Alciati to Massimo Bottura. In 2010 he founded the cooking school “I Cook you” in Santa Maria Capua Vetere, with the intention of combining the English language, learned in his formative years in the United States, with the passion for cooking. His resourcefulness and skill are a sign of his great charisma and his disruptive personality. The creativity used in the preparation of dishes is typically the result of experience and his great love for the craft. In 2019 he opens his new space “Contemporary Pastry” and at Sigep 2022, held in Rimini on 16 March this year, stands out with great professionalism in the art of show cooking, succeeding in astounding those present thanks to the use of Ricotta di Bufala campana DOP, key ingredient of its delicious recipes . He stages his creative skills with the creation of a Buffalo Cake with mousse of Ricotta di Bufala bell DOP, confit of yellow cherry tomatoes of Vesuvius, black rice and almonds and with a Ricotta and pears made with crunchy hazelnut praline, composed of Abate pears and ganache whipped with Ricotta di Bufala bell PDO.