Ricotta and Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP in “TERRA MADRE SALONE DEL GUSTO” in Turin twinning with Zafferano dell’Aquila DOP: Macaron Made in Italy

September 21, 2022 – Mozzarella and Ricotta di Bufala Campana DOP together with “Terra Madre Salone del Gusto” in Turin, from tomorrow, September 22, until September 26. The two Consortia of Protection of the “sisters of milk” are united to the Dora Park, on board the Mozza-Mobile, the mobile caravan, in this new edition of the exhibition Slow Food and dedicated to regeneration.

The two excellences of Campania will propose a twinning with another excellence symbol of a territory, the Saffron dell’Aquila PDO. The alliance in the name of taste will be sealed by the presentation of an unmissable “Macaron Made in Italy” saffron dell’Aquila with Ricotta di Bufala Campana and buffalo cream, designed and made by pastry chef Marco Merola of the “Contemporary Pastry” of Caserta. The initiative will be held on September 25 at 12 am in the exhibition space of the two Campanian Consortia (SC 01-02) and also wants to be a symbolic sign of closeness to the citizens of a land hard hit by the earthquake and committed to reconstruction.

“The presence at Terra Madre Salone del Gusto is a further stage of the path of rooting Ricotta di Bufala Campana DOP in the national scene, which we are conducting in synergy with the Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP, with which we share history and production path”comments Benito La Vecchia, president of the Consorzio di Tutela Ricotta di Bufala Campana DOP.

“In Turin we will also continue our strategy to enhance Ricotta di Bufala Campana by focusing on its versatility of use, first of all in pastry, binding us to professionals of great talent such as Marco Merola, to whom we thank”, says La Vecchia.

“Mozzarella di Bufala Campana starts from the big events and relaunches the activities, despite the difficult international situation. In the homeland of good, clean and fair food we will bring the taste of a thousand-year history, open more and more to contamination with other treasures of the Italian agri-food”, emphasizes Domenico Raimondo, president of the Consortium for the Protection of Buffalo Mozzarella Campana DOP.

During the “Terra Madre Salone del Gusto” there are also many tastings of Mozzarella and Ricotta di Bufala DOP, live spinning demonstrations and dedicated laboratories.

Here is the complete calendar of events

  • 22, 23, 26 September: tastings from 11 am until 19.30.
  • September 24: tastings from 12 to 19.30
  • September 24: Unicredit1 room at 19 laboratory taste “Ricotte d’Italia”.
  • 25 September: 12 hours twinning of the two Consortia with Saffron Aquila PDO in the exhibition area of the Consortia (SC 01-02) with presentation of macarons by Marco Merola with Ricotta di Bufala Campana DOP, buffalo cream and Zafferano dell’Aquila PDO.

Finally, the live spinning with the master cheesemaker of the Consorzio Mozzarella DOP will be held on 22 and 23 September at 13 and 17; 24 September at 11 and 15.