Ingredients for 6/8 people:
for the Gnocchi:
1 kg of Potatoes
300 g of flour 0
1 Egg

for the Filling:
1 head of Radicchio
250 g Ricotta of Bufala Campana DOP
50 g of grated cheese
1/2 of Onion
Extra Virgin Olive Oil q.b.
Salt and pepper q.b.

Start by washing the potatoes and cooking them in boiling water for about 25 minutes. After draining and resting for 5 minutes, peel and mash them in the potato masher. In a bowl add the mashed potatoes with the flour, egg, salt and pepper and knead well with your hands until you get a smooth dough.
Prepare the filling by blending the washed radicchio and cut into strips with the onion fried in a little EVO oil. Transfer the radicchio to a bowl and add the Ricotta of Bufala Campana DOP, grated cheese, salt and pepper. Mix well to mix the ingredients.
Form the gnocchi dough into rolls and then into large chunks. Roll them one at a time and make a socket with your thumb. Put a little filling in the center and close the dumpling sealing well. Cook the gnocchi in salted boiling water until they rise to the surface and season to taste with the sauce you like and #buonappetito