Launch of the first edition of Eboli Sport and Wellness | Eboli (SA) 3/4 June 2022

Today was held the press conference to present the first edition of Eboli Sport and Wellness, event that will take place Friday 3 and Saturday 4 June in Eboli (SA) in Piazza della Repubblica and which will see the participation of Filippo Magnini, former Italian swimmer awarded seventeen times with European gold. Created in collaboration with the Remind organization of the same Filippo Magnini, Eboli Wellness and Sport is an initiative aimed at the dissemination and promotion of sport as individual and collective well-being. The Consortium for the protection of Ricotta di Bufala Campana PDO will be the main partner of the event. If the objective of the event is to promote the well-being of the person, combining the sports component with the food, what better opportunity to enhance our PDO, a tasty food, genuine and rich in nutrients, easily digestible, allows the body to absorb the essential components that give the appropriate support to support any type of activity. The event will open on Friday, June 3. Among the participants, there will be among others, also Benito La Vecchia, President of the Consortium for the Protection of Ricotta di Bufala Campana PDO, which will take part in the Focus on sport and nutrition entitled “Nourishing health” scheduled for 20:00 in Piazza della Repubblica.

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