“Chocolate Contemporary Pastiera”

Pasta sablè with cocoa
600 g butter 82% M.G.
800 grams of flour 160W
100 grams of bitter caco
6 g of salt
50 grams of whole eggs
300 grams of icing sugar

Knead butter and sugar, add the eggs and finally the powders. Roll out to 3 mm and line the molds.

Jam of bitter oranges
2000 grams of whole oranges
1500 grams of granulated sugar
20 grams of pectin

Boil the oranges for 1 hour. blend and add sugar and pectin. bring to 55 Brix. Cover the shortcrust pastry funds with a veil of jam.

For the filling:
500 gr of Ricotta of Bufala Campana DOP
500 grams of sugar
75 grams of candied fruit paste
500 grams of wheat (to be cooked with citrus peels, vanilla and milk)
350 grams of eggs
Essential oil orange q.b.
1 vanilla bean

Regenerate the wheat with a little milk, and the aromas. Cool and combine eggs, sugar, ricotta and candied fruit. Emulsify and fill the shortcrust pastry funds. Bake at 150 ºC for 30 min.

For the Caraibe mounted ganache:
380 grams of Caraibe Varlhona
450 grams of fresh cream
50 grams of glucose
50 grams of invert sugar
930 grams of fresh cream

Make a ganache with the first 4 ingredients. Combine cold cream and emulsify 2 min. Let the fridge crystallize. The next day mount the planetarium and decorate the pastiere.

Spray mass Guanaja:
120 grams of Guanaja
120 grams of cocoa butter
10 gr of fat-soluble black

Bring to 32 and spray pastiere.