250 g of Ricotta of Bufala Campana DOP;
120 g of flour 00;
one and a half tablespoons of cane sugar;
half a sachet of baking powder;
one whole egg + one yolk;
grated rind of a lemon;
a pinch of salt;
seed oil;
vanilla powdered sugar.

In a bowl add the Ricotta of Bufala Campana DOP, sugar, egg and yolk and then mix with a fork
Grate the lemon peel inside and pour the flour, yeast and a pinch of salt. Once obtained a homogeneous and elastic dough put it in the fridge to rest for 30 min.
Heat the seed oil in a pan, when it is hot with two teaspoons, shape the castagnole and dip them in boiling oil. Fry the castagnole over a light flame until they swell and have a golden color.
Once cooked, drain with a skimmer and arrange them on a plate with paper towels. Before serving a sprinkling of icing sugar and they will be ready to be enjoyed.